Sunday, May 24, 2015

Q&A to Me as an Educator

1. As a teacher, how certain you are in improving student's performance?

Improvement of result always work both way, depends on the students and also the teacher. I can never guarantee result and I will never do that. I think all teachers who is honest enough, will also say the same thing. Even for a very good and consistent student, an unexpected circumstances may still happen on the exam day, i.e: students fall sick, students eat wrong food just before exam, calculator doesn't work or various technical problems may happen during exam day. It's too risky to guarantee performance while so many variables involved.

What I can tell and confirm is my track record. With 6 years experience and teaching more than 400 tuition students to date, I can confidently say that 90% of my students, whenever they have shown some effort in their study, definitely show grade improvement. What I do is to help them to simplify the concept, and pin point what is commonly tested and how they are graded in the school examination.

So why only 90% and not 100%? What happen to the remaining 10%? Well, they are normally those who really no motivation and don't really want to help themselves. Then it will be very hard for me, and I believe for any teacher to help also. There is no miracle in learning.

2. Is it true that 2 months or 3 months is "too rush" to prepare major examination like PSLE, O Level and A Level?

There is no standard duration of how long a preparation should be done before any major examination. The longer it is normally the better because you can take a breathe and slowly absorb and understand the concept. And you still have buffer time in case you have difficulties in understanding some topics.

I had experience of a student who try to study "everything" one month before exam and still receive excellent result, but of course he needs to do that in more painful way. It's possible, but more risky and it is not recommended. You never know how fast and how good your brain can absorb, so don't play around and force to strecth it up to the limit.

And it's nature that humans quickly absorb will quickly forget also. Even if you can "survive" at this moment, it may be a long struggling in higher level of your study.

3. Is continuous learning is important to maintain the result?

Only commercial teacher would say that and recommend some so called holiday program even after end of year examination. For the sake of maintaining the standard.

Personally I believe in the concepts of work hard and play hard. Although more students during holiday means more income for me, I do believe that the body of my students need rest, so do their brains. I like to recommend people to have a life with balance. Do your hobby and something you like. Holiday period, after final exam, is a time for you to relax and have fun.

If you really perform very badly and you need to revise some of the lesson you don't understand at all, of course you can do seek a help. But please, do it as minimum as possible so you can still give yourself time to relax and rest. In the end, remember that life is not only about school and study. And your happiness does not necessarily depends on your school grade.... =)

Wednesday, May 20, 2015


Marketing itu berusaha membuat sebuah produk laku untuk dipasarkan. Perkara apakah produk itu beneran bagus atau tidak itu urusan belakangan.

Hmm, kadang tidak habis pikir juga dengan perusahaan yang menghargai produk mereka terlalu tinggi, merasa bahwa produk mereka itu luar biasa bagusnya sehingga wajar harganya luar biasa mahal. Padahal di saat bersamaan mereka tidak memberikan nilai tambah apapun untuk barang yang dijualnya. Produk jualannya pun biasa-biasa saja, tanpa ada keistimewaan apapun.

Karena inflasi? Tentu saja itu bukan alasan. Di tengah persaingan bebas dengan pasar yang begitu terbuka, sedikit perbedaan dengan kompetitor akan memberikan arti yang besar. Apalah artinya menaikkan harga kalau nilai penjualan jadi menurun drastis? Dan tingginya harga itu menjadikan tidak adanya market baru yang bisa diraih?

Terkadang saya bingung dengan bagaimana marketing bekerja.

Atau mungkin saya yang masih berpikir terlalu sederhana bahwa marketing terbaik itu adalah produk yang baik secara konsisten.



Jangan terjebak pada rutinitas sehari-hari. Lakukanlah investasi. Itulah yang kelak akan membuatmu berkembang lebih cepat.

Investasi tentang uang Her? Oh bukan. Saya bukan semata-mata mengatakan tentang uang dalam hal ini. Meskipun itu tentu salah satu faktor. Bagi saya, investasi itu sesungguhnya punya arti dan cakupan yang luas. Apa sajakah itu?

1. Investasikan waktumu dengan pengalaman dan pengetahuan baru

Jangan sekedar lakukan hal-hal yang rutin. Gapailah pengalaman-pengalaman yang baru yang belum pernah kamu lakukan sebelumnya. Cobalah lakukan kegiatan yang biasa kamu lakukan dengan rutin secara berbeda. Bereksperimenlah dengan hal-hal baru dan jangan takut untuk gagal.

Tambahkanlah dirimu pengetahuan yang baru. Perluas wawasanmu. Membacalah lebih banyak. Mendengarlah lebih banyak. Semakin banyak yang kamu tahu maka semakin terbukalah pikiranmu.

2. Investasikan relationship dan networking

Bergaullah dengan orang-orang baru yang bisa membawamu lebih maju. Jauhkanlah pengaruh negatif dari orang-orang di sekitarmu. Berusahalah untuk terus menciptakan aura positif. Habiskanlah waktumu dengan orang-orang yang memiliki visi jauh ke depan, bukan kumpulan penggerutu yang hanya membuatmu menyesal dan meratapi masa lalu.

Ingatlah bahwa kesuksesanmu itu ditentukan bukan hanya oleh talenta dan kemampuan, tapi juga oleh orang-orang yang mengenal kamu. Tentang bagaimana dan dengan siapa kamu mengisi waktu-waktumu.

3. Investasikan kebaikan

Lakukanlah kebaikan-kebaikan sederhana dengan sukarela, tanpa mengharapkan apapun sebagai balas budi. Tersenyumlah dan wujudkan keceriaan bagi orang-orang di sekitarmu.

Percayalah bahwa hukum tabur tuai itu nyata. Apa yang kamu tabur, itulah juga yang akan kamu tuai nantinya.

Ulurkan tanganmu bilamana ada orang lain membutuhkan. Kamu tidak akan pernah tahu kapan kamu akan membutuhkan bantuan orang lain. Bahkan mungkin dari orang yang saat ini kamu pandang sebelah mata saja.

Mulailah berinvestasi. Dan semoga sukses.

Saturday, May 16, 2015

Let It Be

There are moments in life, when we cannot appear to be weak, although we are struggling so hard inside. There are moments in life, when we are about to shout, but we need to calm, stand still, to comfort the person we love. There are moments in life, we have to be a person we are not.

That's life, so let it be.

When we are growing older and hopefully more "mature", we have a shifted paradigm as well as priority. About what we think is most important, less important and not important. On our desire, on our dream, on the way we are thinking. On how we define something as "love".

Isn't maturity is about the dare to take a responsibility? That we live not just for ourselves, but also for our environment, for the people around us?

When we are growing older, isn't life is no longer only about being ourselves and do whatever we want whenever we want to? Isn't it about whether we want to create happiness and impact from our interaction with people? Can we control our mind, our feeling, our emotion? In everything?

Feeling is what makes a human human.
Emotion is what makes a human human.
Rationale is what makes a human human.

Many times. We just don't understand the mistery of life. And just accept how it is. Just like a flow of water.

And that's what make a life life, so let it be.

Wednesday, May 13, 2015


Life is always full of problem and there are always two sides of any problems, either it is being abundant or being lacking of.

If you can choose, which problem do you want to handle?

Let's take money as an example. Lack of money is definitely a problem. You may not have enough to fulfill your necessities if you don't have enough. But do you know that too much money is also a problem? Just try to ask a poor person who suddenly win a lottery and immediately become rich, can he really handle it? Can he still "emotionally" calm and relax to hold a million dollar cheque? Believe me, it will not be that easy.

Let's take daily activities as another example. Being too busy is a problem. You have limited time and difficulties to set your priority in life and try to get all things done. On the other hand, being too relax is also a problem. You might feel too unproductive and then get stressed.

Maybe, everything which is too much or little is just not good.

Thursday, May 7, 2015

You Know You are at the Late 20s When

1. You see your facebook page is filled more with prewedding, wedding photos and baby pictures rather than notification that your friend get into a relationship.

2. When you see a high school or college student and you realize, what? It's already been 10 years ago.

3. Most of your friends and probably you are struggling in the mid-career position. Most of you are no longer a newbie, but you haven't really reached the top yet.

4. When you have a reunion, you talk more about family and career path. You are no longer remember or care about the grade you obtained last time. You talk more about clients, business market and things like that.

5. You may start thinking of buying house. Or you may have one already.

6. Some of your friends who took a PhD just start looking for a job.

Sunday, May 3, 2015


Saya percaya bahwa keberhasilan itu seringkali dimulai dengan keberanian mengambil resiko. Misalnya saja dengan mengorbankan sesuatu yang pasti untuk mencapai hasil yang belum pasti. Atau mungkin dengan melakukan suatu tantangan yang belum pernah saya jalani sebelumnya.

Jika kamu selamanya melakukan apa yang biasa kamu lakukan, maka kamu akan memperoleh apa yang biasa kamu peroleh. Dan saya tidaklah mau menjadi orang yang seperti itu.

Saya pun memilih untuk mengambil resiko itu. Mulai minggu depan saya akan mengajar mata kuliah untuk diploma degree di sebuah kampus swasta. Dua modul saja: Fisika untuk level Universitas dan juga Biologi Lingkungan.

Yah berharap semuanya akan berjalan baik-baik saja.

Semoga.... =)